Michelle Phan Sued Over Music In Her Beauty Vids; ‘Dozens’ of Copyright Infringement Instances Cited So Far

Michelle Phan is now feeling the burn of success. Now that she’s up on that pedestal, everything she does can (and will) be observed. Including her use of unlicensed music throughout her videos.

Ultra Records LLC and Ultra International Music Publishing LLC are suing Phan for copyright infringement, alleging she used songs and compilations without a license.

The suit was filed Wednesday in a district court in Los Angeles, and the record companies have alleged that although they’ve only begun to look through her enormous back catalog of videos, they’ve already found dozens of incidences of unlicensed use.

Many YouTube MCNs have licensing agreements in place to cover music use, but Phan, who started her own MCN, FAWN, in 2012, and then partnered with Endemol Beyond in 2014, is apparently unprotected.

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