Bat in the Sun Break Down Miley vs Justin Battle

It’s a tough job, doing a long, comprehensive interview with smart, philosophical YouTube creators and then watching as the footage gets handed back shortened and “hipsterized.” Sometimes the wizards behind the curtain inadvertently end up coming off as a sort of parody of themselves. The filmmaker Michel Gondry talked about manipulation of truth through editing, and certainly, father and son action filmmakers Sean and Aaron Schoenke should understand that the journey taken is not always the one relayed.

That being said, Bat in the Sun is an exciting channel — a sort of Tarantino-fights-De Palma channel where gravelly truths are exacted through combat and a hard, analytical look at what makes a hero or villain superior. In that way, Bat in the Sun is one of those YouTube channels that appeals to many different mindsets and attitudes. Action, pathos, humor and analysis all play out — equally matched warriors are pitted against one another in savage choreography that dazzles as it deliberates.

The father and son duo is talented — and work with a talented cast of performers and stunt people, which include Jason David Frank, better known as the White Ranger on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” From an awesome “Batman” addiction sprang forth one of the most original and interesting YouTube/Dailymotion channels to come down the pipeline in years.

Be sure to check them out and subscribe. And if you have a dream matchup in mind — a fight between two powers — and you want to see who’d win, pitch it to them. They love a good fight. Share this article to promote an awesome channel.

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