MMA Champion Cashier Deals Instant Justice To Robbers [VIDEO]

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Want to feel safe at work? Hire a five-time MMA Fighter of the Year to be your cashier.

A gas station manager is attacked by several thugs attempting to beat and rob him of his bank money in this clip that has gone viral to the tune of 5 million views. Fortunately, he had listened to the above advice and employed Mayura Dissanayake, a five-time MMA Champion in his home of Sri Lanka, as a cashier. Dissanayake deals out some immediate justice, beating up all three of the would-be crooks and even detaining one ‘til the cops could arrive.

It’s gotta be tough to be a badass king of the ring in one country and a lowly gas station attendant in another. Hopefully, Dissanayake gets an extra 10 minutes added to his lunch break (one time only!) as a result of his heroics.