Monsters Are Real: 7 Terrifying Videos To Make A Believer Out Of Any Skeptic

Okay, so this Bigfoot video just popped up on the internet’s collective radar. It’s weird, creepy and way too long for what it purports to show. Unfortunately, many videos of monsters and aliens and whatnot tend to fall into the clichéd belief that if a video is unnecessarily long, it lends an aura of creativity to the whole affair.

So now that you’ve seen this video and heard this guy’s tale — which he evidently thought would be more believable if it was explained in ascending type rather than just directly stated from his mouth — you are left with just one question: do I believe? If the answer is no, congrats, you’re a skeptic and not sucked in by bullshit and get-rich-quick-type pyramid schemes. You need a little more convincing; we can respect that. So here are six other cryptozoological videos that might just convince you to lock your doors and close your windows even on the hottest of summer nights. Oooooh!

National Geographic Shows Evidence Of Yeti

Joseph Stalin’s “Manpanzee”

Terrifying Giant Croatian Spider

The World’s Biggest Snake

Another Croatian Monster (Significantly More Believable)

Nazis Kill A Real Werewolf

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