Move Over VidCon, Here Comes SocialCon Chicago 2014

You may only just be recovering from your post-VidCon hangover (literal or figurative) so brace yourself because there’s another gathering just around the corner. Wizard World Inc., the organization responsible for Comic-Con, has announced the launch of SocialCon, a similar gathering focused on the fans and stars of social media.

YouTube fan culture has been a hot topic lately and conventions like SocialCon have received both praise and criticism for the ways in which they manage and reinforce the fan/creator dynamic. Conventions can offer a chance for creators to better know and be known by their audience, but it can also be a taxing experience for fans and creators alike. We asked Kingsley, one of the stars attending SocialCon, what it’s like to find yourself face-to-face with a massive audience that you most often experience only online.


“It’s overwhelming! I don’t think I fully comprehend how many people are interacting with me online until I get to these events and they are screaming in your face and smiling and crying and laughing.” Kingsley told us, adding “It’s surreal as hell!”

SocialCon will run alongside Chicago Comic-Con at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago from August 23-24. The guest list is a who’s who of YouTube and Vine stars including Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Reggie Couz, Princess Lauren, Toby Randall, The Hillywoods, KingBach, Kingsley, DeStorm Power, Anthony Quintal (LohAnthony), and Superwoman (Lilly Singh).

Social media conventions and live performances have been multiplying in recent years. Stars of online video have accumulated millions and fans and those audiences are eager to see their favorites in person. Many of the stars of SocialCon will be just returned from the UK’s Summer in The City or on a brief respite from the almost continuously running DigiTour.  Similar gatherings, like MagCon, which brought together Vine and Instagram stars, have skyrocketed in popularity only to fall apart due to personality clashes and organizational challenges. It’s safe to say that Wizard World will run a much tighter ship given their years of experience in wrangling the pop-culture mayhem of Comic-Con.

Will you be attending the first ever SocialCon?

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