MTV’s ‘The Buried Life’ Will Rise Again Online

You might remember MTV’s 2010 series the “The Buried Life” and its signature catchphrase “What do you want to do before you die?” The show featured four Canadian twenty-somethings roadtripping across North America completing a bucket list of adventures and trying to help others along the way. The series lasted two seasons on MTV but apparently it didn’t get to do enough of what it wanted before it died, because it’s now looking at an online revival.

Just yesterday we talked about “Backpackers,” a series that made the jump from digital success straight into TV failure. The takeaway is that different formats will serve different types of content better than others. “The Buried Life,” with its focus on adventure and altruism, may not have lasted long on the air, but the creators are confident that a revived version, one that re-centers the show on helping others, will thrive online.

The creators and stars of “The Buried Life” — Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, Duncan Penn and Jonnie Penn — are bringing their brand online with the help of corporate partnerships. The quartet have partnered up with the upcoming film “The Giver” and with Contiki Holidays to sponsor the show. Both Contiki, and the Weinstein Company, the production company behind “The Giver,” have experience in the world of digital media. Contiki is well known for their popular marketing campaigns which send groups of YouTubers and bloggers on trips around the world. The Weinstein Company is fresh off of a digital distribution deal for their upcoming film “One Chance.”

It remains to be seen if “The Buried Life” can find new life online, but the online video space continues to demonstrate that it can be a home for shows that developed a following but didn’t manage to snag enough viewers to survive the competitive world of broadcast television.

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