Netflix Rides Again With New Adult Animated Series ‘Bojack Horseman’

It’s been a busy week over at Netflix. Fresh from the news of a successful second quarter in which it not only met earnings targets but also topped 50 million subscribers, the streaming platform is ready to announce a new original series with an all-star cast. Netflix has been on a roll recently with a string of daring hits that have been the subject of enviable water cooler talk and blog chatter. Now the company is ready to try something new. On August 22, the company will break into animation with its newest original series: “Bojack Horseman.”

The absurdist series targets adult audiences with the story of Bojack Horseman, a hard-drinking washed up sitcom star who also happens to be a humanoid horse. The series will star Will Arnett as the voice of the titular Bojack Horseman. This is not the first Netflix project Arnett has been associated with; he was previously a star of “Arrested Development,” the cult sitcom whose revival is widely credited with bringing Netflix’s original content efforts into the spotlight. Arnett will be joined by the voice talents of  Amy Sedaris (“Strangers With Candy”),  Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”), Alison Brie (“Mad Men,” “Community”) and Paul F. Tompkins (“Mr. Show”).

The premise will see Bojack wrestle with his stagnant career and his attempt at a comeback with help from his feline agent and ex-lover Princess Carolyn (Sedaris), human sidekicks Todd and Diane (Todd and Brie), and canine colleague Mr. Peanutbutter (Tompkins). The show is obviously targeted at an adult audience, specifically the young comedy-savvy set captured by Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” block and FX’s animated spy comedy “Archer.”

Breaking into adult-oriented animation is new ground for Netflix. As a whole, the platform is booming on the strength of their originals and they’ve already announced a daring plan to experiment with the late night formula. It seems like an animated series is one of the few things Netflix is missing from its rapidly expanding original roster. The cast seems handpicked from some of the most popular cult and critical hits of the last decade, ensuring some initial buzz among TV and comedy geeks.

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