New Study: YouTube More Popular Than TV

We talk a lot about how YouTube could be the future of television — or could replace television entirely — and according to a study by Adroit Digital, it looks like we may have already reached the tipping point.


The survey looked at some 2000 respondents and posted questions about how they consume video content. A massive 68 percent of those surveyed said that they consume video content through YouTube versus just 51 percent for live television. Netflix lagged well behind YouTube and TV with only 49 percent saying that they used it regularly. The study looked only at the United States and surveyed adults (18 and over) who owned a television, smartphone and computer. YouTube viewership is likely to be even higher among children 17 and younger but for now no data exists to confirm that hypothesis.

Where do you go to watch video? And more importantly, which do you prefer YouTube or TV?

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