No Mystery Why MysteryGuitarMan Will Host FOX’s New Show

I just put down my proverbial pen (Just kidding, I use a keyboard. What’s a pen?) from talking about UK Vine star Dapper Laughs making the jump to television. Now I have to jump right back in with more exciting news right here in the US. Joe Penna, better known on YouTube as MysteryGuitarMan, will be blinding us with science as the host of FOX’s upcoming “Xploration Earth 2050.”

The show is part of a two-hour programming block called Xploration Station. Each of the four Xploration shows that will focus on STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and math), an area where American education has lagged behind the rest of the world. The new programs will be part of a larger effort by the media and education officials to help American students catch up.


Joe Penn is a natural choice for a hosting gig, especially one aimed at a younger audience.  In addition to being an accomplished actor, director, animator and producer, Penna is also a top tier YouTuber. His personal channel MysteryGuitarman has over 2.8 million subscribers and has amassed over 340 million views. His audience is predominantly younger, the precise demographic that FOX hopes to target with its Xploration block. His expertise in engaging a younger audience is likely to be a huge asset to the show.

The Xploration Station block is set to premier in September. Penna will continue to operate his YouTube channel and is reportedly developing several other scripted projects.

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