North Korea Is Best Korea: YouTube Hoax Plants Kim Jong-Un’s Country In World Cup Final

There is a bit of mystery surrounding this viral clip of a “news broadcast purportedly out of North Korea” that has the Pyongyang National Team as a finalist in the World Cup alongside Portugal. It isn’t clear who made the video — it is unlikely that North Korea participated in the manufacturing of the false video, as they had, in fact, allowed the broadcast of the actual World Cup games — albeit sometimes as much as 24 hours after the actual match.

Then again, at the last World Cup, Kim Jong-Un paid Chinese actors to wear their uniforms so it would appear North Korea had a presence. And while stories have claimed that YouTubers have been duped by the footage, comments on the vid itself have been disabled.

With 5 million views so far, it clearly has achieved its point. The questions remain though: what was the point? And who was trying to make it?

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