Not Sure If Awesome or Awesomest Thing Ever: Fan Makes ‘Futurama’s’ Opening Credits Into Gorgeous 3D Reality

Taking fan art to a whole other planet, Alexy Zakharov created a 3D short of “Futurama’s” opening credits — and it’s amazing!

While those hipsters over at Kotaku claim they wouldn’t want an actual “Futurama” movie in 3D, we at NMR think they’ve been chewing too much Qat. A 3D “Futurama” movie would be EPIC! Matt Groening, please tell me you’ve seen this and are already throwing shovelfuls of money from your Scrooge McDuck vault at making it a reality.

This Alexy character seems to have the passion to bring a 3D “Futurama” to life. I will pretty much buy an absurd amount of tickets to witness the spectacle (I’ll be damned if I shell out for concessions though — you vultures can starve), so what’s the holdup?

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