‘Nothing Lasts Forever’: Unreleased Bill Murray Sci-Fi Movie Discovered On YouTube — See It Before It’s Gone

Actually, the “see it before it’s gone” part is slightly a misnomer because the film has been on YouTube since 2011, but “Nothing Lasts Forever,” which Bill Murray filmed at the same time as “Ghostbusters” (1984) is an appropriate title now that vultures like you and me have beaten a path to this … gem.

It’s actually not a bad movie — Murray and Dan Akroyd and the kid from “Gremlins” are all part of a group attempting to take a bus to the moon. Back in 1984, allegedly the studio didn’t know how to release it (also there might have been copyright issues with some of the old clips utilized in the flick), and so for now it somehow magically makes its home on YouTube. If MGM, who still owns the copyright, sniffs money to be made, expect “Nothing Lasts Forever” to be a ghost of a memory again.

Getting to see completely unreleased films is rare — hopefully you have the kind of job where they just let you sit and watch YouTube all day. Hehehe.

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