Peter Hollens Has A Must-See, ‘Wicked’ New Medley With Nick Pitera [VIDEO]

This video is a prime example of why you should do collaborations. Peter Hollens, we love and have watched from darn near the beginning. We gush about Peter and his talent to anyone we know. But now Nick Pitera and his incredible range are on our radar as well.

And for the two of them to team up on such an electric and eclectic medley as the songs from “Wicked” — forget about it. These two are a Broadway show unto themselves and it delights us that Peter and NMR are buddies. Hopefully we become buddies with Nick as well. That’s the magic of YouTube — it brings together these amazing talents (them, not us) in a way no other medium does. We naturally reached out to Peter for a quote about what makes this video “bigger” than all his others.

This is different because of the time and energy put into this one. I spent over a year waiting for the perfect song to work with Nick on… he has a phenomenal specific set of skills, and utilizing his terrific voice as in this context I think shows off what he does best!

Doing a medley of the best songs from “Wicked” by itself is just so insanely super fun, but having almost all the songs be normally done by two female leads, but in this case being done by two male leads singing about friendship, and just for the record I’m obviously the wicked witch, and nick’s the good witch 🙂

We utilized props, costumes I would say this one is on par with the concept and work that only a few of my videos have in the past like this one:

Peter sent us a few behind-the-scenes images that we could look through to use in the course of writing this article, but it would be unfair for us to choose one or two … so we figured we’d share them all! Besides, if you watched his “Wicked” video already, you’re definitely a fan and will enjoy them as much as us.

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