Ray William Johnson Announces The Return of ‘Equals Three’ With New Mystery Host

After months of inactivity, Ray William Johnson is reviving his popular show “Equals Three” complete with a brand new mystery host. A cryptic tweet from the YouTube auteur sets the return date for the show as Tuesday, July 15 and teases fans with a picture of the new host with his face blurred beyond recognition.


Launched in back in 2009, “Equals Three” was the viral video review show which propelled Johnson to stardom on YouTube and beyond. After a hugely successful five-year run during which the show and Johnson’s channel accumulated over 2.5 billion views, Johnson announced in early March that he would be stepping down from the show in order to pursue other creative ventures. However, due to what he characterized as “pushback” from “Equals Three” fans, Johnson agreed to attempt a relaunch of the show with a new host and writing team.

While it appears that the recasting process may have taken slightly longer than the two months that Johnson initially estimated, it seems that all the pieces are finally in place for a relaunch of the popular viral video commentary show. As to the identity of the new host, Johnson has remained tight-lipped. While many initially suspected a fresh face, Twitter speculation seems to heavily favor Jack Douglass, better known as Jacksfilms. The YouTuber did post a hilariously tongue–in-cheek audition video in response to Johnson’s casting announcement, and cracking wise about viral video would certainly be in Douglass’ wheelhouse. He’s best known for his series “Your Grammar Sucks,” where he mercilessly dissects hate comments from his less-than-literate viewers.

As for RWJ himself, the triple threat has mostly been working off YouTube, taking a part in the forthcoming indie film “Who’s Driving Doug?” and continues to host popular podcast “Runaway Thoughts” with girlfriend and frequent collaborator Anna Akana. Despite moving on to bigger projects, Johnson has avoided lapsing into complete ex-YouTuber status with a recent appearance in Epic Rap Battles’ “Goku vs. Superman.”

Who do you think will be the new host of “Equals Three,” and do you think anyone can truly replace RWJ in the role that made him a YouTube star?

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