Ray William Johnson & Anna Akana Split Up; Another YouTube Power Couple Bites The Dust

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Aww, a sad day for believers in true love. One of the internet’s most electric and awww-inspiring couples, Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson have split up. Little is known about the break up or its causes at this point, but with RWJ attempting to transition to feature films and television, it’s easy to speculate.

A big fish in a little pond has moved on to a bigger pond — sometimes you have to be single in order to nail Scarlett Johannsson. Or maybe this relates to whomever the new Equals Three host is … or isn’t? Hmm, hmmm, hmm.

Anna, herself a YouTube comedian, took to her Facebook page in order to offer up this simple statement:

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We wish RWJ and Anna the best of luck in their single lives and hope that they are able to form new and equally dramatic relationships for NMR to write about. If new gossip emerges, of course we will let you know.

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