HOW MUCH Per Song From Michelle Phan Copyright Lawsuit?!

Hopefully, Michelle Phan stays the course on this copyright lawsuit. If it goes to court it has the opportunity to be a landmark decision for fair use, modern copyright law and bully tactics.

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Ultra, the music company suing Phan, has set its price at $150,000 per song. More likely they are hoping for a pennies-on-the-dollar, out-of-court-settlement from Phan because they see her as an easy mark, but should she stick to her guns, she could potentially change the way music licensing is done — should she win. Music has overvalued itself for years — a tough statement for someone who has a stake in creative property rights to make — but the record labels seem to be very good at smashing down the “little guy” with exorbitant fines. Remember the Napster lawsuits of a decade ago? The music industry loves to wield its power — but Phan has some power of her own and that makes her the ideal litigant. She can battle the music industry and bring a phenomenal amount of public attention in the course of doing so. The court of public opinion is on her side — hell, even Kaskade, an Ultra-backed musician who she is cited as using music from, is on her side.

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NMR dreams of a world where we never have to write another copyright-abuse article again. Michelle Phan can make that a reality.

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