Remember That Zombie Apocalypse? Yeah, Rhett & Link Started It With Their Music Video ‘I’m On Vacation’

Damn, it’s a pleasure to watch content made by professionals. And as far as YouTube goes, Rhett & Link are about as professional as it gets (no, it’s true!). Spinning a zombie yarn out of a silly vacation song is definitely a task best left to people with video and editing chops, as much of the time, gold like this gets squandered by lesser talents.

There is a legitimate reason that people become breakout stars in a medium where anyone can compete — with YouTube the talent really does rise to the top. And if Rhett & Link aren’t at the top of YouTube, they can surely see it from their vacation spot.

Definitely watch this video and then go back and delete the “quality footage” you thought you recorded. Hey, maybe you can take over their jobs at that ice cream factory?

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