Rumor Control: YouTube Exploring New Content Possibilities in Hollywood Meetings

Last week we reported on a rumor that YouTube was in talks with Hollywood studios to bring more premium content to the platform and to possibly initiate a new version of the Original Channels program. Now our sources report that those rumors may have been blown somewhat out of proportion. It seems that YouTube has, in fact, been making the rounds in Hollywood, but those conversations are part of the video giant’s standard operating procedure.


Our source characterized these meetings as part of the routine work YouTube does to support creators by bringing attention both to the platform and its top talent. YouTube has been working hard to create new opportunities for creators. Starting with 2011’s Original Channels initiative, the company has been sinking money into developing the creator community and broadening its reach. These efforts continued with the establishment of the YouTube Creator Spaces and the advent of special events like Geek Week, Comedy Week and last year’s YouTube Music Awards. Now, with the launch of outdoor and television ad campaigns, YouTube is entering a new phase in its evolution into a mainstream media outlet.

That’s where meetings with Hollywood come in. YouTube is not in the process of launching anything like the original channels program, but the company’s reps are constantly in contact with producers and studios looking for ways to collaborate. A YouTube spokesman told NMR,  “Weare always exploring various content and marketing ideas to support and accelerate our creators.”

So there you have it. The final word. YouTube is working hard to provide its creators with new frontiers to conquer and to bring new content to viewers from a variety of sources.

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