Shane Dawson Produces His First Film … For Reality TV Competition Show

Fans of Shane Dawson’s off-color humor had more than one reason to celebrate on the Fourth of July — the YouTube star and burgeoning TV producer chose America’s Independence Day to drop the trailer for his upcoming film “Not Cool.”

The film was produced as part of reality competition show “The Chair,” a show on the Starz network which pits two would-be directors against one another with a $900,000 budget to produce their own independent film. Dawson’s film will compete against “Hollidaysburg” by up-and-coming filmmaker Anna Martemucci. Both contestants were given a matching screenplay and budget, and their filmmaking process was documented for the yet-to-air reality series.

Based on the trailer, it seems likely “Not Cool” will appeal to fans of Shane Dawson’s particular brand of comedy. In the trailer alone, we spied a boatload of crass sex jokes and at least two instances of Shane dressed in drag, both hallmarks of Shane’s YouTube videos. However, the trailer also features something fans may not have seen before from Dawson: character development and even some hints of genuine emotion. This is the first time that Shane Dawson has had the resources to create long-form content and tell a story on his own terms outside the YouTube sketch format. It will be interesting to see how he melds internet-friendly sense of humor into a cinematic world.

Dawson’s “Not Cool” will compete against Martemucci’s “Hollidaysburg” for a $250,000 prize determined by ticket sales as well as digital votes. Given the massive size of his online audience, it seems unlikely that Dawson could lose. However, the real prize may be the opportunity to create his first film, an experience that will likely pay off when he begins work on his weight-loss comedy “Losin’ It,” currently in development at NBC.

What do you think of Shane’s movie trailer? Are you excited for “Not Cool?”

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