Shield Bros. Accuse Weird Al of Stealing Lorde Twist For His New Parody

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Did Weird Al Yankovic, the long-standing king of parodying pop culture music, get a little underhanded with his latest video “Foil”? According to popular YouTube musicians and parody artists, the Shields Bros., that answer is a big, fat “yes.”

“Have (you) seen Weird Al’s parody of ‘Royals,’ ‘Foil’? The Illuminati twist is actually stolen from a “Royals” parody my brother and I did last October,” said Tristan Shields in an email to NMR. The twist in question concerns Weird Al’s video — released through College Humor — where the versatile funnyman suddenly brings up the Illuminati as a valid reason to use foil (as a tool against mind probing).

Tristan and Rory, on the other hand, put out a parody video of the Lorde song last October called “Redneck Royals,” in which they spoof the “Duck Dynasty” crew and include a mention of the Robertson clan being members of the Illuminati. Interestingly, the Illuminati mentions even occur at similar places in the two songs — so is it cold-hearted creative theft, a simple coincidence, or the act of the Illuminati themselves(!)?

We reached out to Weird Al and College Humor to get the lowdown on how this “conspiracy conspiracy” ended up coming to fruition, and of course because we like to get things out quickly and then update when they respond, we’ll of course update when we have some damn answers.

For their part, the Shields Bros. aren’t too concerned about what they seem to see as a clear cut snatch and grab of their intellectual property. “We’re taking it as a compliment,” Tristan continued. “BUT what we really want is Al to come be interviewed on our podcast ‘Who Stole What,’ which is ironically about where music is stolen from.”

Man, I gotta say, it takes balls to call someone out and then be like, “Hey, come on our podcast.” But if it works out — best guest ever?

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