Someone Is Going To Die Soon: YouTube Pranker Gets Gun Pulled On Him During Hood Pranks [VIDEO]

There’s an odd new trend emerging in pranking videos — getting your ever-living ass beat. The new thing apparently is for people to go into the hood and apparently menace black guys into throwing punches. Obviously, one wouldn’t think that getting beat up is the end game for a prank, but clearly after video of these guys harassing urban targets pops online and the result of virtually every encounter is at least a punch, they knew what reaction they were looking for.

These videos follow on the path of another guy snatching cell phones out of black guys’ hands. Of course that video didn’t get a gun pulled on the pranker like this one did. I don’t wish that anybody gets murdered specifically, but if one of these ass clowns gets an Air Jordan permanently lodged in his pooper, I’ll probably chuckle. So if their plan is to get a laugh at any price, well, they’re heading in the right direction.

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