YouTubers Who Smoke Weed: The 10 Best Marijuana Channels On YouTube

Weed is coming up legal all over … first California made “medical marijuana” a thing, then Colorado made recreational marijuana acceptable, and now Washington state has finally opened up shop on recreational Mary Jane. They say that marijuana is a gateway drug but hopefully marijuana legalization is a gateway to the legalization of better marijuana channels on YouTube. Not to say that what we have now isn’t top quality chronic videos cultivated like some of Humboldt’s finest, but there will come a day and age, so say the mystics, when weed channels are equally as popular as gaming channels. Then again, I’m sure a lot of stoners watch the gaming channels already. But since marijuana is coming into its own, we thought we’d help you get stoned with the 10 Best Weed Channels On YouTube. Puff, puff, pass to the left, smokey.

For the record, kids, don’t do drugs.

10. High Times

Considering they are the “industry trade magazine of record,” you’d think they’d take their YouTube presence far more seriously. Really this is a pity inclusion to tell these asswads to step up their damn game.

9. GreenHouseSeeds

With their full-length documentary series “Strain Hunters,” this crew takes finding the choicest herb seriously.

8. Let Them Eat Pot

An idea ahead of its time and never fully expanded upon, Let Them Eat Pot combines a cooking show and marijuana edibles — brilliant and delicious.

7. OMMPGrower

I think I went to college with this guy …

6. TokinGLX

I wish I went to college with this guy.

5. Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

Okay, more a video than a whole channel, I figure if you made it this far into the list, you’re probably stoned and could use a delightful break. All glory to the Hypnotoad!

4. Coral Reefer

Cute girl blazing and answering your weed questions. Why do you even need to watch any other channels?

3. TheCCC420

Not only are there Wake & Bake Wednesdays, but you also have fine reviews of strains, concentrations and glass. Good stuff.

2. Subcool420

The guy calls himself a “weed nerd.” How can you not like him already? This music video is the exception rather than the rule … lots of good knowledge here.

1. Marijuana Man

The unquestioned king of internet stoners — he seems mellow as f**k. That being said, I can’t help but post this video of him screaming while getting robbed during a live broadcast. Hehehe, not cool.

Share this video like a well-rolled joint. There it is.

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