Striking Out On YouTube? Try Amazon Video Shorts

So everybody and their grandmother apparently wants to start the next YouTube. And that includes Amazon. Coming to their forefront today after quietly existing for the last year, Amazon has added their Video Shorts option to their streaming site.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.58.06 PM

Now in addition to all the crappy D-grade movies offered up by the streaming site, you can also watch short-form video content mostly by the likes of creators you’ve never heard of. Here’s the deal though: this site is ripe. They’re hungry for good performers. And if you aren’t having much luck cracking into the upper echelon of YouTube, you might just think about hopping ship. Why be a footstool in Heaven when you can be an Emperor in Hell, amiright?*

Incidentally, Amazon states its intent is not to “kill YouTube” but rather to boost product sales through short form video reviews and whatnot. Oh, okay then. I guess you can live.

*For legal purposes, Amazon is not hell … but their shipping policy is!

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