Sweet Internet Justice: Man Screws Up ‘Accidental’ Infant Death Plot With Social Media

Justin Ross Harris, a Georgia man, “accidentally” left his infant son in his car on a hot day, killing the child. It’s a sharp way to make a murder look accidental — as long as you stay the hell off social media. Then again, Casey Anthony pulled a version of this and got away with it, so who knows?

Harris’ first mistake was taking out a $27,000 life insurance policy on his 22-month-old son — either you’re committing the crime to get rid of your kid or you’re doing it to make a little money — it can’t be both. Here it looks like the money was secondary to the child and that just attracts more unnecessary attention. Of course, to compound it all, it really doesn’t help if you do this stuff too:

  • Sexting teenage girls while your child is baking in the car
  • Visiting Reddit to read articles about “Life without children”
  • Watching online videos showing people dying tortuous deaths
  • Searching Google for “How to survive prison”
  • Watching YouTube videos about pets suffocating in hot cars

I can’t guess how many dumb people got away with murder before social media and the internet were there to trip them up. Now this idiot is all set up to be executed himself and his wife is being looked at as an accomplice. Hell, we could have three less Southerners by the time this thing is over and done with. Besides, this guy is already guilty of having a terrible haircut.

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