Target Teams Up With YouTubers, Todrick Hall For College Reality Series ‘Best Year Ever’

Target has found a loophole to get free advertising from us (slow clap). The major multi-good chain is the latest corporation to find the benefit in partnering with YouTubers for getting the attention of youngsters … and sort-of youngsters.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.26.57 PM

Their new promotion pairs YouTubers like Todrick Hall, Mikey Bolts, Ann Le and Tiffany Garcia with dorm-bound college students for a series of online reality shows called “Best Year Ever.” The series, which will present four episodes to each YouTuber’s channel, has Todrick and the like helping to build the most kickass dorm room with Target’s line of cheap, easy furniture and college supplies. Really this show should just be called, “F**k Ikea.”

“Target caters to college students who are creating and designing their own space for the first time,” said Rick Gomez, senior vice president of marketing for Target. “We have the right products at great prices, and our video series is full of entertaining inspiration and ideas for stylish, small-space living.”

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Normally we wouldn’t give lip service to a cheap ploy like this, but Target is a major corporation and it is important that we stick a pin in this monumental partnership. Once YouTube begins partnering with Wal-Mart and Exxon, YouTube will have conquered commerce as well as entertainment. Then it can begin its partnership assault on NASA.

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