The 10 Major Gripes About YouTube Beauty Gurus From Fans

Beauty Gurus are some of the loveliest ladies on YouTube. They’re so prim and proper and girly, it’s no wonder beauty is one of the biggest draws in online video audiences. But that doesn’t mean they do everything right. In fact, there are lists upon lists upon lists of viewers complaining about what a large component of the beauty gurus do wrong. It would take us a while to list all of them, but here are 10 gripes about beauty gurus that seem to come up the most:

10. Chipmunk Voice

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While we don’t have a problem with it, we don’t exactly make up a large proponent of the beauty audience. But time and time again, fans seem to complain sooooooooo, so much about when gurus speed up their film and it results in them talking in “chipmunk voice.” Don’t kill the messenger here, ladies.

9. “F**kin’ bloopers” at the end of videos

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That’s a direct quote that seems to sum up how viewers feel about adding in a splash of personality, girls. Viewers want the tips, not the tricks. Especially when it’s faked or forced. Viewers hate when you have phony jokey components in your video. If you can’t sell it with the style tricks alone, maybe beauty guru status isn’t for you. Also, f**k your “dance routines.” Again, don’t kill the messenger.

8. Club Makeup For “Back To School” Looks

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Apparently the Jezebel routine only works on the weekends. Calling something a “Back to School” look and then loading up on the eyeshadow, foundation and lipstick is a quick way to wind you up on the shit list.

7. Shower routines

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It seems the viewers already know how to bathe themselves and wash their faces properly — no need to take up precious time in your videos showing them that.

6. Hauls where you don’t try on the clothes

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It’s no secret that viewers LOVE swag videos — they hate it when they can’t really see what the clothes look like though. You took the time to buy the outfit, so put it on for your digital friends so they can get a look at it.

5. Chipped nail polish

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You’re a beauty guru — you aren’t supposed to have the sloppy thing going on. It only takes a couple minutes to strip your nails so make sure you look fresh and scrubbed before you hit “record.”

4. Showing name of product and waiting for camera to focus

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.31.05 PM

Yet another major gripe is that the gurus take too long trying to get the little print on bottles to show up in focus on camera. We all know it’s Rocket Red nail polish because you already told us — don’t spend the next 30 seconds proving it.

3. Acting like they’re not doing something for money

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In addition to time, viewers seem to care about authenticity. They don’t want fake bloopers, but more than that, they HATE when you act like you’re pushing some coupon as a favor to the viewers when really you’re doing it to get paid. Apparently they don’t mind if you get paid, just be honest about it.

2. Misleading titles

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Apparently viewers hate when beauty gurus resort to that cheap banner ad trick that screams “ONE TRICK THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!” And then it just turns out to be a basic tip that everybody already knows. Or “HUGE SEPHORA HAUL” and it turns out to be anything but HUGE. If you’re going to dive into superlatives, beauty gurus, you should probably have at least a little something to back it up.

1. Touching/Twirling your hair

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.17.33 PM

Viewers hate this. So. Many. Viewers. Complain. About. It. You. Should. All. Probably. Just. Stop. Doing. It.

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