The Academy Comes to YouTube: New Digital Series Is Every Film Geek’s Dream Come True

We probably still have to wait a few more years before we see a YouTuber at the Academy Awards, but if you’re waiting to see the Academy on YouTube then your wait is over. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is going digital with a series of documentary-style short videos that explore the creative process. The videos will feature some of the most prominent creatives currently working in film. Directors, actors and screenwriters from Seth Rogen and Mike White to Dustin Lance Black will offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process.

The series will be mandatory viewing for movie geeks since it not only gives us a look into the creative process but also explores some of the defining moments in modern cinema history. A recent video digs into the CGI behind “Jurassic Park,” an accomplishment that altered the course of the film industry and gave rise to today’s CGI-heavy summer blockbusters. The Academy’s digital team has the access to sit down with the creatives involved in these milestones and get their perspective on what it was like to change the industry.

The series will be available through the AMPAS website or on their dedicated YouTube channel. New videos will be available every Monday. Subscribe for a look back at some of the greatest moments in film history and chats with some of the people who are steering it into the future.

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