The Fine Brothers Break 1 Million in Five Days!

The Fine Brothers are continuing to set growth records with their new React channel, which features additional content connected to the Fine’s popular series of “React” videos. The new channel was launched on July 22 and picked up half a million followers overnight. Now, just six days later, the channel has already broken 1 million subscribers, demonstrating some of the most rapid growth in the history of YouTube.

Even for tremendously successful YouTube creators with millions of subscribers, the task of launching a brand new channel without a built-in fan base can be daunting. Even those with large followings struggle to get their existing fans to add a new channel to their subscription box.

Prior to the Fine’s explosive launch, one of the most successful was Grace Helbig, who was forced to rebuild her audience from scratch after losing control of her original channel, Daily Grace, during her split with MCN My Damn Channel. With the use of social media and promotional assists from a number of other popular YouTubers, Grace was able to quickly assemble a large audience for her current home, Its Grace. While Grace also racked up several million subscribers with relative ease, she has yet to match the subscriber total on her original channel.

Maker Studios took a different approach with launching their recent comedy collaboration effort “Nacho Punch.” Rather than try to launch a completely new channel from scratch, the network renamed the long disused channel for “The Station,” the collab channel which originally brought many of Maker’s founders together. By rebranding “The Station,” Maker was able to launch “Nacho Punch” with a built-in audience of over half a million subscribers.

No matter what measure you use, the success of the Fine Brother’s new effort is impressive. The immediate surge of interest in the “React” format is a good sign for the Fine’s upcoming Nickelodeon series “React To That,” which will employ the same structure as the web series.

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