The New Internet Trend? Setting Yourself On Fire

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.03.00 PM

I LOOOOVE the new internet trend of people lighting themselves on fire. It’s called the “Fire Challenge” and it’s fantastic. Seriously, each video keeps me at the edge of my seat, curiously watching to see if some asshole is going to scorch themselves permanently. I suppose this feeling is why people go to NASCAR.

One Kentucky teen has lived up to my “burning man” expectations by lighting his torso on fire, apparently burning his torso to the point where there will be lasting scars. And what looks like his mom captured it all on video:

At the time, he explained to the press that he didn’t know what he was thinking. He then went on to post a Vine video explaining to his peers that he got burned — now I know he only had six seconds, but perhaps a more lasting message would have been: “Don’t do the fire challenge … I’m f**ked up for life.” But that would have been uncool, I guess. There were reports circulating that a kid up in Buffalo died, but according to the Daily Dot, those rumors be lies.

It’s an odd thing: human stupidity. See it has been around forever. Teens in the 50s were doing stupid stuff like racing cars towards cliffs, daring each other to be the last one to stop. By that standard, internet kids briefly lighting themselves on fire seems positively mundane.

It’s impossible to feel bad for this set of kids because they live in the generation of internet FAIL. They have literally thousands of videos of people f**king up in all manner of things that they can use as barometers of good judgment. But clearly they don’t. So I delight in watching them burn.