Timothy DeLaGhetto’s 7 Best YouTube Moments

It’s no surprise that Tim DeLaGhetto has climbed to the apex of the YouTube Matterhorn. He’s a handsome comedian (a rarity, I assure you) who can also spit verse with the best of them. With that kind of skillset to dig through, the real test for NewMediaRockstars is sifting through an enormous pile of incredible YouTube moments to find what we consider to be the créme de la Ghetto. Of course, you’ll probably argue with our choices, but that’s what makes lists like this one so fun.

Here they are in no particular order (though number one is our favorite!): Tim DeLaGhetto’s Seven Best Moments On YouTube. And if you like these, be sure to buy tickets to his live performance through NMR Live Series!

7. 15 & Pregnant

6. Bubble Guts (The Diarrhea Rap)

5. Airplanes & Terminals

4. Insecure Girls Rap

3. What Do I Have To Do?

2. What Women Think Vs. What Men Think

1. Hood Fairy Tales: Sleeping Booty

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