Top 50 Internet Felines Are Now Indexed Online: Did Your Favorite Cat Make The List?

Good news, cat lovers: Friskies has now ranked your favorite internet cats! Operating much like Social Blade or one of the other algorithm sites that tabulate statistics and trends with your most loved YouTubers, you can now go and see how internet cats measure up.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.55.10 PM

I think for me, the biggest surprise was how far Princess Monster Truck has fallen in the great grid of cat dynamics (#34!). She was such a strong up-and-comer for winding up on our Cat Mount Rushmore.

Other surprises? The total exclusion of Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat — I guess Friskies primarily wants to associate itself with real — and living — felines. Makes sense I suppose, because Garfield would mop the floor with most of these pussies. Also, fake and dead cats don’t buy Friskies.

Definitely check out for yourselves who makes the list at Friskies50.

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