TotalBiscuit Pledges Transparency Regarding Payola For The YouTube Gaming Industry

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Back in January, superstar gamer Boogie2988 said that gamers getting money from developers to play or feature their games was “commonplace.” Now British gamer TotalBiscuit (AKA John Bain) has determined that, on his channel at least, viewers would know exactly when he is being compensated for a reviewed game.

“From now on we’ll be clearly disclosing promotional videos in a splash screen at the start of the video,” Bain wrote on Twit longer, a Twitter knockoff site. The move for more disclosure comes in the wake of a study that revealed at least a dozen gamers have accepted money from gaming companies in order to feature their product in some capacity.

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While the YouTube gaming crowd isn’t necessarily governed by the FCC and therefore not subjected to payola laws, it’s still nice to see TotalBiscuit making the effort to keep fans aware of when an extra paycheck is involved.

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