Tumblr and Vine, Together At Last!

Two of the most popular social media platforms of the moment are about to get together, and the results are sure to be spectacular. Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr and Twitter-owned video app Vine are finally working hand in hand according to a tweet from Tumblr’s official Twitter account yesterday afternoon: “6 seconds of your life just got better. @Vineapp now works on Tumblr. F**k yeah @Twitter!”

Users will now be able to easily embed Vines into their Tumblr posts by simply copying the URL of a particular Vine into the post box, just as they could do with a YouTube video. Previously there had been no way to directly embed a Vine unless it was included in an embedded post from a third-party service like Twitter or if the clip in question was converted to a YouTube video or a GIF.

Tumblr users have long had the ability to embed tweets into their posts, however even though Vine is a Twitter-owned company, the app has been slow to integrate with platforms like Tumblr. Vine and Tumblr have a very similar user base making it even more surprising that the two haven’t gotten together until now. Regardless of the reason, it seems that the wait is finally over, so expect to see lots of six-second video clips from now on as you’re scrolling through your Tumblr dash.

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