Two Florida Girls Earn Wrath Of 4chan After Turtle-Murdering Video Goes Viral on Facebook [WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO]

4chan’s hive-think vigilante justice brigade has just lashed out over a video of a rare tortoise being burned and stomped to death by these teenaged Florida girls. The video, which they stupidly posted to Facebook and bragged about, caught the world’s attention for its extreme cruelty and arrogant brutality.

The friends, bored, decided it would be fun to take their pet gopher tortoise — an endangered species — and soak it in lighter fluid and then set it ablaze before crushing out its life. In addition to the ire of pet-friendly organizations, the two unidentified girls have experienced a heavy round of doxxing from 4chan. Doxxing, the act of unearthing and publicizing any and all details about a person is one of 4chan’s go-to methods of encouraging punishment for people that run afoul of the message board site.

In addition to the 4chan harassment, the teens also might be facing steep fines and jail time. Let this be a lesson to all you serial-killers-in-training: 4chan is watching. Especially you, Florida.

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