Two Florida Women Get Busted Trying To Steal From A YouTuber — Welcome To Infamy, Hags [VIDEO]

Hahaha, people suck! Especially people from Florida! These two old women were pinched trying to steal a canopy and beach supplies from YouTuber Flicky Rich during the Fourth of July weekend. When he initially plays along, the women ask him for help on taking down the canopy. He then drops the bomb on them that they are filching his stuff only to have them turn their backs on him.

It reminds me of one time when I was in Boy Scouts and my buddy Ricky and I tried to steal some guy’s tent and pretty much the same thing happened. We were really bad Boy Scouts. Christ, I’m glad we didn’t have YouTube back then or 1.2 million people might have been looking at me like these two scumbags.

Incidentally, the beach this takes place on, New Smyrna, is currently the shark attack capital of the world. So hopefully these shysters went for a swim and caught some bloody ocean justice! Is it Shark Week yet?

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