VGHS Continuation? Video Game Class To Be Offered FREE Online

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And to think there are people out there starving to death …

So good news, folks, that video game class you always dreamt of attending? It’s now online and F-R-E-E! Yup, the University of Alberta has decided that it’s almost a form of punishment to disallow students and non-students alike to have access to this class that discusses the merits and importance of video games in society.

Called Understanding Video Games, the class had over 200 students waitlisted to be in it, and evidently, the UofA has a heart for such matters. While the class is now online in a series of 11 lectures along with quizzes, tutorials and assignments, if you actually want to receive course credit for it, you still have to pay. DO NOT PAY TO ATTEND A VIDEO GAME CLASS THAT YOU CAN GET FOR FREE.

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“Games are built as part of a cultural community and reflect the community in which they’re built,” said lead instructor Sean Gouglas. “They’re mirrors of what we do.”

I wonder if there is going to be a game then where you could waste your parents’ money for bullshit classes only to find out the semester after you took it, that it is going to be offered for free online. Is there a mirror for that, Sean?

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If you fail this class, Goro rips all your limbs off. FATALITY.