Vimeo’s New App Puts Indie Music Front and Center

Even while YouTube is waging war with indie record labels over its streaming music service it looks like longtime competitor Vimeo is gearing up to get into the music game as well, teaming up with indies along the way. Early this year, Vimeo picked up Cameo, an iPhone app designed for creating and posting short videos. Unlike similar apps like Vine and Instagram, Cameo videos can be up to two minutes in length, but individual clips can be no longer than six seconds. The app also lets users add a soundtrack and invite friends to contribute their own clips to create collaborative projects.

Now, after a few months of retooling, Vimeo has unveiled the new Cameo. The newly refurbished app is Vimeo-integrated, allowing Vimeo users to log in through their existing Vimeo account. More importantly, music has been moved to the forefront. Cameo now boasts a growing catalog of indie artists. The app promotes these artists using a music discovery feature which suggests their songs as potential soundtracks for users videos. Users can also share their newly edited creations directly to Vimeo as well as with other Cameo users.

Redesigning Cameo to put music center stage is an important signal that Vimeo does not plan to be left behind in the coming music revolution. Online video will remain an important tool for music publishers who wish to promote their artists and publicize new content. Even as YouTube has aligned itself with major labels to create its streaming music service, Vimeo has stayed true to their more artistic aesthetic by partnering with independent artists. Regardless of which partnerships pay off in the long run it’s clear that online video and digital music will be increasingly reliant on one another.

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