Viners Pair Dancing Goths With Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Etc. — Hilariousness Ensues

How much you enjoy this new Vine trend is directly proportional to how much you like making Goths look dumb — well, dumber. More dumb? Hmm …

Seizing this awkward YouTube video of Goths doing their weird Goth thing from a few years back, the Vine community has decided it is a lot more hilarious (and they are correct in their assessment) to change the station on the radio and make these poor painted up bastards dance not to their preferred industrial techno, but rather Taylor Swift. And “The Pina Colada Song.” Here are some of the best:

Peanut Butter Jelly

The Pina Colada Song

Taylor Swift’s “Trouble”


Man, those Goths would be pissed if they knew they were dancing to Pitbull right now. I tell ya, it ain’t easy being a supplicant of the Dark Lord:

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