Why The Facebook Manipulation Experiment Was A Necessary ‘Evil’

Back in 2012, Facebook decided the best thing they could do was screw with their users and conduct what has now been termed a “social experiment.” They began messing with the posts that showed up on people’s walls. Sometimes the postings that showed were overwhelmingly negative. Sometimes they were positive. Their goal: Find out how moods affected users. Sorta of a “control the moods, control the world” notion, I guess. A blog post from Animalnewyork.com was responsible for blowing the lid off this shocking abortion of human rights.

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What probably didn’t help anything was on Sunday, the Facebook data scientist who led the study, Adam Kramer, conceded “the research benefits of the paper may not have justified all of this anxiety.” Damn man, keep quiet. Nothing good comes out of the big wigs and their puppets admitting to faults. Now people are bound to think they were right in complaining.

See here is the problem: yes, we’re all human guinea pigs — but not just for Facebook. Every single company runs their little tests on how we buy, what we buy, how we act and what we do. We already reported that Facebook’s ads were not effective (another social experiment test that they ran), and guess what? The company needs to make money somehow.

There is a sort of moral exchange we make when we buy into useful technologies and facets of human living — John Locke made this exact philosophy known back with his Treatise On Government. We give up certain rights and freedoms in exchange for other rights, freedoms and safeties. Applying that to Facebook, we can say that in exchange for Facebook to provide us with a convenient manner of mass human communication, they get to figure out a way to make money off of it.

Hell, that is the American way. So shut up already.

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And if you need more proof that this is a non-story, Facebook has reported that they haven’t lost any users as a result of this “incident.” So even the most outraged of individuals realize the benefit of Facebook outweighs the bullshit.

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