Women With Hairy Legs Are The Big Tumblr Trend At The Moment [GALLERY]

This is a hairy issue to say the least (ba dum tsh) …

A popular new Tumblr site has sprung up recently, attempting to spark the anti-leg shaving movement for women. And here’s the kicker — it appears to have legs. Hundreds of women have already submitted their own hairy leg photos to Hairy Legs Club in support of redefining the currently conventional beauty standards.

The act of women shaving legs and armpits began as a result of a marketing campaign circa 1915, right around when sleeveless dresses became popular. So for 99 years, shaving has been the common aesthetic for proper civilized women. Is 2014 the year that it all reverts back to an old-world all natural style?

I can’t say I blame them — regular grooming of legs and armpits seems like a real pain. Of course, this might just be some brilliant new marketing scheme by the Dollar Shave Club guy!

Here are some of the hairiest of female legs if you’re interested. Men, do they turn you on the same as if they were razored clean and smooth? Will the next 99 years be spent with men doing all the grooming? If that’s the case, count me out.

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