Yahoo Screen Partners with Live Nation to Host Epic Concert Series

I may have mentioned a time or two that Yahoo would really very much like your attention for its new video service? The one-time internet titan is putting a huge emphasis on making some waves in the online video pool, and alongside its original TV programming designed to take a bite of out Netflix’s lunch, it’s also building a streaming video product that’s being described by many as a YouTube competitor. In case you weren’t aware, Yahoo is taking some steps to publicize that fact. Most recently, the company is staging a series of elaborate concerts by big-name artists and streaming them live on the web for free EVERY DAY.

A full roster isn’t yet available, but some of the artists involved include Kiss, OKGo, The Fray, Justin Timberlake, Usher, The Neighbourhood, Common, Jesse McCartney, and John Legend. The performances are being arranged in conjunction with concert promoter LiveNation and will stream on the official Live Nation channel on Yahoo Screen. A full list of the acts who are currently committed is available on the Live Nation website. The acts cover every conceivable genre and demographic group, guaranteeing that Yahoo will attract viewers across the board.

Yahoo is pulling out all the stops to get more people to check out Yahoo Screen. The video service is plagued by the same problem as many of Yahoo’s other products — a perceived lack of coolness. Audiences simply don’t view Yahoo as the place to go for hip, cutting-edge entertainment in the way that they do Netflix and YouTube. Rescuing canceled TV shows with built-in audiences and hosting a massive concert series is a way for the company to change that perception. As long as Yahoo can deliver what it promises — not just on the music but the high quality video streams people want to see — then this LiveNation partnership might be just the thing to earn them a seat at the online video table.

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