Yahoo Screen Scores Early Release of ‘One Chance’ Before It Hits Theaters

Chalk up another small victory for Yahoo Screen in the ongoing premium content wars. The Weinstein Company has chosen Yahoo’s video platform to host a 10-day special pre-release of its upcoming indie film “One Chance,” a behind-the-scenes look at the winner of popular reality competition “Britain’s Got Talent.” The movie will stream on Yahoo Screen for 10 days prior to its full theatrical release, giving Yahoo Screen users an early peek at the film.

The Weinstein Company had some success earlier this summer when they gambled on an early video-on-demand release for their buzzy indie film “Snowpiercer.” The gamble seemed to pay off, making the Chris Evans flick one of the most buzzed about limited releases of the summer. The film brought in $1.1 million in VOD, presumably giving Weinstein the confidence to try the same strategy with “One Chance.”

Releasing a film digitally ahead of its theatrical release does carry its own risks for film companies. In some cases, the early release can hurt movies at the traditional box office, and in others it can help to bolster interest in films that aren’t being released in every market. That was the case with “Snowpiercer” and it may be the case with “One Chance,” but that remains to be seen.

For Yahoo Screen, early release of an anticipated movie is an unequivocal win. It enhances the perception that Yahoo is a viable home for unique and interesting content, an image that the company has been eager to promote with its recent moves. The web company has been working hard to attract more eyes to its video platform, an ongoing effort that seems to be paying off. Offering the unique opportunity to see a film before it’s widely released is just the sort of thing that could attract more paying customers to Yahoo’s VOD service and keep them coming back.

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