Yahoo’s Profits Are Down, But Its Video User Count Is Climbing

It’s no secret that Yahoo has been putting online video front and center recently. From a string of high profile media hires to the recent acquisition of a company specializing in streaming mobile video, Yahoo has been building a deep digital media bench. The company has also been working hard to promote its video venue, Yahoo Screen, as a premium content hub. Recent months have brought the announcement of new original programming at the New Fronts, the resurrection of at least one, and possibly two, prematurely cancelled cult TV series, and a year-long concert series co-hosted by Live Nation and streamed online free of charge.


All this should make it clear to even the most casual observer that video is a priority for CEO Marissa Mayer in her attempt to turn around the struggling internet giant, and it seems to be working. On a call with investors to follow-up on Yahoo’s quarterly earnings report, Mayer noted that while the company’s earnings had declined, active users on the video platform Yahoo Screen had increased 67 percent year over year.

Highlighting the increasing strength of Yahoo’s online video business to offset disappointing earnings is a strong indication of how Mayer and Yahoo view their video division. Rather than simply one area for expansion, it looks increasingly like Yahoo is looking to video to lead the company into the future, hence the huge investments in staff, technology and content. Whether this bet will pay off remains to be seen. Despite growing its user base, Yahoo Screen still faces strong competition from rivals like YouTube and Netflix, who have far more users and have already entrenched themselves as destination sites for video content. Yahoo still has a long way to go but it looks like they’re making strides.

What would it take for you to make Yahoo Screen a part of your daily video routine?

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