Amazon Snatches ‘Divergent’ for Exclusive Video Content

Back in June we reported on Comcast’s rumored effort to build a YouTube competitor. Well, if you’re a “Divergent” superfan you may just need to get on board with the cable provider’s new digital platform. Comcast has sealed a deal with Lionsgate for four hours of exclusive bonus content that won’t be available on any other platform, including Amazon and Apple iTunes.

The new content, which will apparently include footage from the film’s red carpet premier as well as behind the scenes footage and a browsable “fashion flipbook,” is being billed as a “supplementary multimedia digital experience.” That experience will only be available to subscribers who purchase the movie through Comcast’s video-on-demand service, XFinity.

With digital distribution becoming more commonplace, studios and digital platforms alike are looking for new ways to make their offerings stand out. For a popular franchise like “Divergent,” with its massive built-in fan base and extensive fictional world, exclusive content can be just the hook platforms like Xfinity need to beat out more popular rivals like iTunes and Amazon Prime. Most major film sets generate a surplus of bonus material from behind-the-scenes photography to video interviews and costume sketches. Such creative run-off can easily be repackaged as bonus features.

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