YouTube Launches Creator Studio App For iOS

There’s some good news for creators today. After announcing it during their 2014 VidCon keynote, YouTube has finally made the new Creator Studio app available for iOS. The Creator Studio App which recently launched on Android is now available for your iPhone. The App will give creators the long-awaited ability to manage their videos remotely, rather than being tethered to a computer after uploading. For active creators who need to be constantly on the go creating new content and interacting across social media, this will be a huge revelation.

As the name suggests, the Creator Studio is specifically engineered for people who are uploading videos and managing channels, so casual viewers probably won’t find a lot to interest them. However, professional YouTubers will definitely be pleased to know that they can monitor analytics and video performance from a mobile device. This is a far cry from the days when Rebecca Black could upload her famous “Friday” video and spend a whole weekend out of town without realizing that it had gone massively viral.

The Creator Studio App will also let users sort and respond to video comments remotely, making it easier to follow those best-practice guidelines about viewer interaction that we keep hearing about. Many creators make it a point to respond to early comments on their videos in order to increase fan engagement.However staying put to do so cuts into the time they could have spent creating exciting new content. Other features include the ability to alter video settings and details remotely and the ability to set custom push notifications in order to track only the information you care about.

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