YouTube Looks to Hollywood For More Premium Content

It seems that YouTube is determined to become a home not just to vloggers, gamers and pranksters, but to premium video content as well. As Reuters reports, the video giant has been taking meetings in Hollywood aimed at building partnerships with studios and finding sources of funding for next-level YouTube content. YouTube is hoping to bring higher production values into its own space in order to compete more evenly with the type of network television level content currently being produced for rivals like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Last week saw the announcement of a deal through which New Form Digital Studio will provide funding for 14 short films by YouTube native stars. YouTube itself is hoping to promote more of this cross-pollination between mainstream Hollywood and its own homegrown talent. The Google company would also like to see more mainstream studios bringing their latest high value productions to YouTube first.

If YouTube plans to take another stab at premium content, then this might be the way to go. Rather than trying to lure brands onto the platform with cash, YouTube is rumored to be meeting with producers about what sort of support they would like to see from YouTube. Unlike platforms like Netflix, which operate largely in the same manner as television networks, YouTube has its own culture that isn’t always easy to decipher. Providing Hollywood with a map, or perhaps even some seasoned guides in the case of the New Form deal, could be a great way to help producers navigate the new terrain.

Would you tune-in to network quality content on YouTube?

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