YouTuber Documentary ‘Follow Me’ Goes Live

If you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for the release of “Follow Me,” the AOLOn documentary that promises a behind-the-scenes look at YouTube’s biggest stars, then wait no longer. The first two episodes of the documentary series are finally live on AOL.

The series offers a look at the lives of YouTube creators backstage and off camera providing an interesting look at the day-to-day life of social media stars. The first episode features a look at YouTube comedienne Brittani Louise Taylor as she reads fan mail, organizes her bills, and gets candid about what it’s like to have a job that almost completely absorbs her personal life. In the second episode, JC Caylen and Ricky Dillon of YouTube’s supergroup Our Second Life discuss what it’s like to go from being swarmed by young fans at VidCon one day to total anonymity at their local grocery store the next.

So far the overall message of the series seems to be that being a YouTuber is a fun but humbling experience that takes a lot of hard work. It’s not a surprising through line since the 10-episode series was produced for AOL by Fullscreen and follows some of that network’s biggest stars. As we anticipated, there’s an obvious incentive for the producers to portray their subjects as humble, happy and genuine. The series does not, for instance, follow fellow O2L star Connor Franta, who recently quit that collab channel due to personal struggles that have largely remained off camera.

Despite the rosy filter, some interesting tidbits do slip through. It’s interesting to hear Taylor, whose social media presence is carefree, discuss her meticulous schedule — an Instagram post and tweet today, two tweets tomorrow and so on. Overall, the series depicts YouTube as more of a lifestyle than a traditional career, with the boundaries between work and personal life, friend and coworker, breaking down considerably. It’s an interesting look inside a very modern version of fame that’s never been seen before.

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