YouTube’s Milli Vanilli? Rob Cantor’s ‘29 Impressions, 1 Song’ Viral Video A Hoax

After watching this “making of” footage that reveals Rob Cantor’s viral “29 Impressions, 1 Song” video to be a hoax, I sat there for about 10 minutes processing how I felt about it. I rooted for this young man because I was impressed with his apparent talent for mimicry. But it’s a talent he does not possess. The song (his contribution to the video) was by far the worst part of the whole shebang. “You’re perfect in the way that you are”? It’s like bad Rafi.

But what is the correct emotion when you’ve been burned by a video you thought was real? Fortunately this issue doesn’t come to light too often — Jimmy Kimmel recently pissed all over the internet by showing how easy it was to make a fake viral video, but most footage we see plays like the genuine article.

So do we get angry about a hoax? Do we applaud its ability to manipulate us? Do we shrug and move on? Should we shrug and move on? Or should we do that whole “tar and feathers thing” to keep charlatans from f**king with our emotions from heretoforth? I can’t decide what I should personally feel right now; it’s odd to experience that range and not be able to pinpoint any one defining emotion. It was Cantor himself who came clean about the hoax (likely out of necessity for self preservation), so there’s something to be said for that as well.

In the end, for me personally, I appreciate Mr. Cantor’s ability to make me feel sort of everything. I can’t speak for the rest of you though … get your pitchforks out as needed.

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