10 Revealing Vine Videos That Cover #Ferguson, #MichaelBrown Events

How do you get your news these days? Did you say Vine? Hopefully if you did, Vine isn’t your one-stop shop for all the facts, but rather a halting point to grab visuals via firsthand short-format videos. Six seconds doesn’t give you all of the facts — just glimpses into real world events so you can fill out the picture a little more. But its quick format doesn’t stop Viners from trying to present the real-life hysteria occurring after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

Citizen journalists might be the wave of the future if Viners like Antonio French and Jon Swaine, whose Vine accounts have been filled with videos from the action in Ferguson over the last six days, have their way. Of course, we’ve got to remember that there are at least two sides to every story and before we get bogged down in the rioting and anger, let’s weigh the facts. Proof of that might be you looking for a Vine video that supports Darren Wilson, the involved officer. You likely can’t find one (we couldn’t). For story coverage on Ferguson, right now, that makes Vine more biased than Fox News. Ouch. Here are 10 Vine videos dealing with the issues of #Ferguson. Judge accordingly.

10. Protesters Call For Non-Violent Violence



9. Victim of the Six Second Time Limit

8. Harsh Opinions



7. A Quiet Memorial for #MichaelBrown

6. A “News Report”

5. Tragic Looting Aftermath

4. Riot Police Engage Protestors

3. Michaels Brown’s Mother(?) Laments Her Dead Son

2. Children Chant For “Justice”

1. Eerie … Citizens Call For Darren Wilson’s Death