4 Tips For Deciding On A YouTube Channel Genre

YouTube has certainly changed since the “good ol’ days” when YouTubers became stars because they were the only ones putting out content. Now you’re vying against not just seemingly every young person on Earth, you’ve also got celebs starting channels and established stars diversifying and taking up space in other genres. Vloggers are becoming gamers, comedy channels have a second life as beauty channels — it’s a damn mess. And there you are, trying to figure out how to get started at all. Well, since we at NMR spend our days and our nights wandering through the YouTube scene, we thought we’d help you out with four tips that we’ve picked up in the digital wasteland.

1. Don’t Start A Beauty Channel

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Nothing against the beauty gurus, they are the prettiest girly girls on YouTube and we love em’ like sisters. But they are also some of the fiercest eaters of fresh meat out there. See, beauty gurus are constantly competing against one another for the freshest new looks, and as such, a sort of cannibalism has emerged in this genre. Lesser, weaker channels constantly have their tips and tricks “borrowed” for use on bigger channels. And once the bigger channels have done it, well, you look like the copycat. There’s always going to be change, however — the top channels won’t be the tops forever, so don’t think we’re trying to scare you off if your passion is pretty, but DON’T START A BEAUTY CHANNEL.

2. Prank Channels Are the Easiest (Yet Trickiest) Route To Stardom

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Everybody loves a good fresh prank — and there are millions of variations on the so-called “classics.” So with that in mind, if you are able to put your own fresh spin on a prank, you can rack up millions of views and más subscribers pretty quickly. The problem is you’ve got to be outlandish and daring to make it on this scene. The best prankers are fearless and typically that’s an innate trait — you either have the guts to routinely make a fool of yourself in public or you don’t. So if you feel like causing scenes with strangers is no big deal, congrats, you were made for the YouTube prank scene.

3. Surprisingly, There’s Still Room In Gaming For New Stars

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Everybody thinks gaming and beauty are the two most oversaturated genres: with beauty, they’re not wrong. With gaming, they’re only sort of wrong. See, much of the gaming space’s formula is written: 1. play games and make commentary. 2. review games. Those two niches make up a HUGE portion of what gaming is perceived to be. But that’s not all gaming is. Obviously we can’t tell you what another viable niche in the gaming genre is because we’d be exploiting it ourselves if we knew, but think about it: how can you do something in gaming that NOBODY else is doing? We bet the answer is easier than you’re thinking.

4. The future of YouTube? Cross-pollination

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YouTube, as much as it wants to believe it is its own unique entity, operates much like every other technology on the entertainment landscape. It follows preset trends that all the other mediums did at one time. Think about the early days of television vs. the early days of YouTube: once upon a time, any ol’ person could be a star. Nowadays, increasingly only beautiful people seem to be getting the views. In the music industry, genres were uniquely their own; nowadays, in order to stand out, musicians are pairing genres to find new sounds: electrofunk, country rap and on and on and on. The same will hold true for YouTube (if it hasn’t already been going that direction). If you want to get in on the next iteration of what YouTube is, make like Mendel and start splicing your genres together to create hybrid channels.